Monday, March 20, 2017

BOOK REVIEWS: Insatiable series by Ashton Blackthorne

This is the first I have read from this amazing author. I loved this series and definitely recommend reading it if you love alpha males and BDSM. Be aware there are a few situations that come about that may not be for all readers but it is all part of character development and getting to see into their pasts.

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This is the first book I have read by Ashton Blackthorne and I can not wait to read the next book Shattered. Ash has everything a guy could ever want, a high class job, money, known by everyone, and any woman he wants. He loves to be in control of the women he takes home and he treats them well even if they are only for a night. Being a Dominant he knows how to bring out desires many women may not even realize they crave.The scenes are beyond hot and he is very good at mixing a bit of pain with pleasure. But there is only one woman that Ash has come close to loving. He never really healed from being broken as a child. We get to see the depths of his emotions as a boy and why he feels he can never love anyone. There is a cliffhanger ending that will leave you desperate to read Shattered!

Next we have Shattered Click below to go to amazon purchase page


If you loved Broken you will definitely love this! Shattered lets us see deeper into Ash's emotions on his journey of learning to love and trust again.

Veronica coming back into his life is a huge part of that. After a night at his club in Vegas he begins to realize the true meaning of his feelings for her. They delve a little bit further into their sexual desires learning more of what they both find beyond pleasurable. Everything seems to be falling into place first with the deal Ash was working on then with the only woman Ash has ever truly cared for. Just when it seems he may get his happy ever after something happens that shatters him to the core yet again.

Find out what happens to Ash in this second installment of the Inastiable series.

Last but not least Bound to Him


In this book we get to see things mostly from Veronica's view. I loved seeing how she met Ash and how their relationship developed. The things she confesses to Ash about what she had to endure at a young age will make your heart cry. But there is one thing she didn't tell Ash that completely shatters him. We find out the details of what happened where Shattered left off. After hearing of Veronicas indiscretion he tells her he never wants to see her again. Veronica doesn't give up and tries one last time but to no avail. Ash is left heartbroken and feeling more alone then ever. Veronica's world has crashed down around her. Ash finds himself looking at Amber, his secretary as a distraction. Then she surprises him with a question that leaves him wondering just what her intentions are and if they are anything like his thoughts.

Just like the others this book will leave you wanting so much more and I can not wait to read the next series to find out what happens!